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A Pair of Sneakers for Your Pain, not a pill!

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

A pair of sneakers is not engineered to propel you off the ground, nor is it designed to speed, change, and or alter in any way how you walk, exercise, or play sports. But, the right cushioning, support can relieve you of your foot pain, improve your endurance and eliminate everything the pain hinders.

Recently a friend of mines forwarded an article about sneakers to me and asked if I would give it a read because of his knowledge of my chronic foot and back pain. Normally I would not entertain such a request for I have been through so much advice be it from friends, co-workers, and professionals, the only thing that I have not tried to date is surgery. But to my surprise, I came across some very interesting proposed solutions with a variety in the degree of efficacy of course. The article shared with me was written with the expertise of Podiatrists who were interviewed for that purpose and with an in-depth analysis of experiences from those who wore those shoes. According to Emily Belfiore, the highlight was placed on the advice provided by Podiatrists who suggest that your feet should have the proper cushioning and support, and their recommendations have their approval stamped on each selection.

Don't be fooled by thinking that your feet were made for abuse, au contraire, what has changed over the years is the way we work and the kind of postures that performing those duties impose that causes us to shift our body gravitational center off track. So, Customers Niche is proud to share their selection with you from best overall to best-bottom: the Asics GT -2000 9 chosen to benefit healthcare workers and those whose professional duty requires a lot of bopping around you can take a look at them here Here are the top 9 that have made the list to date.

  1. At number one we have the Asics GT-2000 9 it improves

So, feel free to investigate these and any other products shared on this platform for only informed consumers shape the future.

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Ref: Amily Belfiore

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